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Changing the system I set out to observe

Reaction to: We’re A Niche, We Just Didn’t Know

A few weeks ago an essay by @TheAnnaGat exploded all over my Twitter-Blogger-sphere. It outlined a possible movement of people that she has noticed building. The essay landing, and the reactions, were so exciting that I quit my work contract and returned to full time thinking! Here’s the original essay: And Anna has set […]

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A snowflake with blurred background by Aaron Burden

Meaning-Maker Manifesto (poetic version)

We are the wisdom seekers and the wisdom finders, the finders and the founders, the builders and the doers, the creators and the makers. The informed and enriched and sovreign narrators, the leaders and the workers, inter-connected collaborators, communicators, educators, entertainers, facilitators. Wise and learned, humble and mirthful, playful and responsible. We are maturing, evolving, […]

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