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The Archetypes Inside Me

For a while I’ve been yearning to explore what might come up for me if I invent archetypes or personas for myself, along the lines of Internal Family Systems (a therapeutic approach popular with my corner of Twitter) but more heavily inspired by this post from Autotranslucence: So I finally did it and wrote […]

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When people gather for a shared interest they use meet-up to coordinate and have events, they are in meet-space and they are in social meet-up mode. And it’s also true that when humans of flesh and bone gather together the congregation occurs in so-called meat-space, as opposed to the cyber, the digital space we usually […]

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a shiny, mysterious digital art fleshy symbol

Hades, an egregore

This egregore is the god of the Unseen Seen. Things which it is possible to see, but which we prefer not to see. Things which we know are there, but delude ourselves into “knowing” are not there. If we see the unseen, by will or accident, we mostly experience shock and dislike, and we go […]