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Contemplative Practice That Isn’t Meditating

More and more people are talking about meditation and even worse, suggesting that I try it. While I appreciate that other people like the activity, some of the woo-vocabualry and the way that people treat it as a panacea really scratch my face. But also, I’m kind of indignant about the fact that there are […]


Hades, an egregore

This egregore is the god of the Unseen Seen. Things which it is possible to see, but which we prefer not to see. Things which we know are there, but delude ourselves into “knowing” are not there. If we see the unseen, by will or accident, we mostly experience shock and dislike, and we go […]


Book Review: Impro by Keith Johnstone

Keith Johnstone’s classic is applicable to much more than theatre work…


Utopia Acid Test

If you (or someone) are working on a theory for building a new way to run the world, good on you! It’s hard! But before you go to the internet with your new world order, here’s a short list of things that I believe are critical and must be considered.  If you don’t have a […]

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Emotional challenges of Stage 5

Required reading This post uses a key framework of personal evolution by Robert Kegan.  It is summarised by David Chapman here. This post is in dialogue with, and an expansion on, Chapman’s recent post about moving through stages 3, 4 and 5 in modern society (and the lack of support for it) here. This post will […]


Eternalist problems with bisexuality

Preamble My thoughts in this blog post rely on other frameworks to better understand bisexuality. The first set of frameworks are eternalism/nihilism and  monism/dualism as outlined by David Chapman on his project called meaningness. Very briefly, Eternalism says that everything has a definite, true meaning. Nihilism says that nothing really means anything. I will be […]

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