A small stone

Meaning-Maker Manifesto (poetic version)

We are the wisdom seekers and the wisdom finders, the finders and the founders, the builders and the doers, the creators and the makers. The informed and enriched and sovreign narrators, the leaders and the workers, inter-connected collaborators, communicators, educators, entertainers, facilitators. Wise and learned, humble and mirthful, playful and responsible.

We are maturing, evolving, an integrated adult generation ready to take on the mantle of complexity and risk we’ve evolved ourselves into. What we know as a species is as complex, triumphant and terrifiying as ever. Our mission is to make sense of where we are, and figure out where we want to go.

We are the meaning-makers and we’re ready to have a try.


Photo credit: James Walshe

Post-script: I discovered the name Sense-Makers on Twitter somewhat AFTER I wrote this, but fully endorse that version of the name. Of course, we’re not restricted to one name! But I’d like to be clear that I throw my weight behind “Sense-Makers” to describe this group.


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