Reading List

Major Concerns & Influences

Crime and Punishment

‘The Oxford History of the Prison’ edited by Norval Morris and David J. Rothman

This book gave me an excellent introduction to the problem of what to do about individuals who break rules, and how that answer has changed over time. As a profoundly social species, the problem of asocial behvaiour is for me the number one issue to figure out in any proposal for new regimes and it is the one that is always conspicuously absent.

Human Brain Farts

‘Thinkng, Fast and Slow’ – Daniel Kahneman

If you think this book just repeats the same point over and over, you are not getting it.

Modern Systems Don’t Quite Cut It

And when you’re critiquing the ways that Modern systems don’t quite cut it, you need post-modern philosophers.

‘History of Sexuality Volume 1’ – Michel Foucault

Names to lure people exactly like me into a book that’s barely about sex at all but is great. Don’t bother with the “Introduction To…” type books for Foucault, this book does the same job, is just as short and is by the man himself.


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