a shiny, mysterious digital art fleshy symbol


When people gather for a shared interest they use meet-up to coordinate and have events, they are in meet-space and they are in social meet-up mode.

And it’s also true that when humans of flesh and bone gather together the congregation occurs in so-called meat-space, as opposed to the cyber, the digital space we usually occupy.

Both the social meet and the physical meat elements of being In Real Life with each other cause differing, but pleasurably compatible, drives and effects.

Harnessing the qualities of, or providing for, the expression of both dimensions of meet and meat space is one possible goal of a meta-event practitioner.

This place, this state of body-mind, is called Maete-space.

It is impossible to underestimate the communicativeness of the human body. And therefore the resulting richness of the social interaction that’s possible in Maete-space. Coming together allows our smells to mingle.

At once we are both an ancient race of monkeys and also a horde of mysterious cerebral beings. A strange alchemical mix of things to be; and it feels on the inside as transcendant as it does bewildering.

Maete-space is where it is all explored.

In the physical realm. With emotions entirely on show. Continuous intellectual interfacing that’s smooth, adaptable and precise.

Status, speech rituals, humor – so many social games are played out unconsciouly, consciously or genetically in a glorious ballet.

To intentionally group together and to use tools to aid the exploring of the shared mental landscape while being immersed in physical space, that is what it is to be in Maete-space.

We crave it. We fear it. We put up every barrier around ourselves that we can in order to ignore it, escape it, or endure it.

But it is what we are. It is what we do. It is the way in which we are being in the world.

Maete-space is not essential to us. It IS us.

And we should be doing it much more.


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