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Changing the system I set out to observe

Reaction to: We’re A Niche, We Just Didn’t Know

A few weeks ago an essay by @TheAnnaGat exploded all over my Twitter-Blogger-sphere. It outlined a possible movement of people that she has noticed building. The essay landing, and the reactions, were so exciting that I quit my work contract and returned to full time thinking! Here’s the original essay: And Anna has set […]

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A snowflake with blurred background by Aaron Burden

Unpublished Draft: The Trolley Won’t Be A Problem

Unpublished Draft Wednesday: Can we stop talking about the trolley problem?

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lego train with two tracks and a lego man holding a lever

Get Past This Angst

Consider the following found in a recent email from Adbusters: How can we have spaceships and virtual reality and starving children at the same time? Weighing the almost magical technological advancement of recent years against the regression of our relations with nature and each other, one wonders what kind of life we will propel ourselves […]

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Primer: Systems Don’t Work

At topical moments in time, I have been comparing my views on things to those around me. This serves to hold up a mirror to the way I think about things, compared to the way others think about things. In most cases I used to think the way other people do, but now, somehow, I […]

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Utopia Acid Test

If you (or someone) are working on a theory for building a new way to run the world, good on you! It’s hard! But before you go to the internet with your new world order, here’s a short list of things that I believe are critical and must be considered.  If you don’t have a […]

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Money, part 2

My emotional return to a world using money


Eternalist problems with bisexuality

Preamble My thoughts in this blog post rely on other frameworks to better understand bisexuality. The first set of frameworks are eternalism/nihilism and  monism/dualism as outlined by David Chapman on his project called meaningness. Very briefly, Eternalism says that everything has a definite, true meaning. Nihilism says that nothing really means anything. I will be […]

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From the title, this post seems to me to have too broad a remit but I wanted to document the changes in my relationship to money. This blog was started at the outset of a journey in which I refused to engage with money. Money was being used as a weapon of power, particularly in […]