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Changing the system I set out to observe

Unpublished Draft: The Trolley Won’t Be A Problem

Unpublished Draft Wednesday: Can we stop talking about the trolley problem?

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lego train with two tracks and a lego man holding a lever

Escaping the tyranny of the ‘no new ideas’ myth

I was reminded recently that a few years ago I chose to reject the maxim that there are no new ideas to be had. This truism comes in a variety of forms. I remember hearing it most often when it comes to stories. Apparently humans are all basically alike and any story about humans has […]


Philosophy labels

  Crisis I have this problem where I get up in the morning or go to bed and worry about what I’m doing with my life or what I like or what my purpose is. It happens really regularly, it pops up in my diary all the time when I review it. This is particularly […]

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